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Don’t let this happen to your blind!

Notice how they had to attach the wooden legs straight underneath their blind. There is a better way! E-Z TOWER Brackets would have  provided a strong, steel point of connection between the wooden tower & the  blind base and angled the legs out at a wider stance creating stability &  preventing fall-over.



ez-tower-title-200wFEATURES & BENEFITS…


The E-Z Tower is the strongest on the market, manufactured with heavy, 10 gauge steel, welded to heavy 14 gauge steel square tubing. 

Benefit: This creates maximum strength & durability, by minimizing wear & fatigue and increasing the life-span & safety. (if you look at a competitor’s bracket, ask about the gauge of their steel!)

The E-Z Tower is designed so that there are 8 points of contact with the hunting blinds base.

Benefit: The bracket attaches to the blind on every side, creating unsurpassed lateral stability in ALL directions. This allows the highest level of safety & stability. (no other bracket design attaches like the E-Z Tower or can match our combination of strength & stability)

The E-Z Tower is designed to fit any blind.

Benefit: Our universal design cradles & wraps around a blind’s corners, so it will work on just about any blind, any size, whether you built it yourself or have a manufactured type, the E-Z Tower will work for you. (others are made to fit onto boards only, so they won’t fit anything else)

The E-Z Tower Bracket enables you to set up a tower on un-level ground.

Benefit: By utilizing wooden legs instead of steel, you can cut the legs to fit un level terrain. You’re no longer stuck to a perfectly level site! Put your blind on the best spot for viewing game by using the E-Z Tower. (steel towers require level sites, often keeping you off the best spots)

The E-Z Tower design tilts the legs out 15 degrees off each corner.

Benefit: By tilting the legs out 15 degrees off the corners, you create a tower with a broader base footprint than the blind itself. This stance lends to maximum stability & safety from fall-over. (if you’ve ever built a tower, you’ve run into the problem of angling the legs off of the blind. The E-Z Tower bracket is the solution!)

E-Z Tower Bracket Set

ez-tower-title-200wDEER BLIND TOWER BRACKETS

$119.95 (set of 4) *

* If You Need To Order More Than 5 Sets Please Call: (325) 938-5482 for special handling.


E-Z Tower Setup Manual

E-Z Tower Setup Manual


ez-tower-title-200wDEER BLIND TOWER BRACKETS

$119.95 (set of 4) * 

* If You Need To Order More Than 5 Sets
Please Call: (325) 938-5482 for special handling.

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