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e-z tower


The E-Z Tower is designed to cradle & connect to any size or type of blind. Whether you built it yourself or have a manufactured blind, the E-Z Tower will work for you. Definitely the revolutionary "better mousetrap" regarding the state of the art of hunting blind elevation!
Hunter advantages designed by Hunters!

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Why to Choose
e-z tower

Using E-Z Tower brackets to raise your deer blind makes it faster, easier, cheaper & more versatile than trying to put your blind on a steel tower.

Steel towers are difficult to haul, difficult to attach to a blind & sometimes even dangerous to raise! It doesn’t have to be that hard….we’ve got the solution!

E-Z Tower brackets can be easily carried out to the field before assembly. You don’t need any equipment, just basic hand tools. E-Z Tower brackets are easy to attach and make the blind easy to raise.

Steel towers are also expensive. Building an elevating tower for your blind with E-Z Tower brackets will save you money. It has proven to be as much as ½ the cost of equivalent height steel towers.

See the E-Z Tower Set Up Manual for more details on how "E-Z" it really is.

Don't let this happen to your blind!  Notice how they had to attach the wooden legs straight underneath their blind.  There is a better way!  E-Z TOWER Brackets would have provided a strong, steel point of connection between the wooden tower & the blind base and angled the legs out at a wider stance creating stability & preventing fall-over

The E-Z Tower is the strongest on the market, manufactured with heavy, 10 gauge steel, welded to heavy 14 gauge steel square tubing. This creates maximum strength & durability, by minimizing wear & fatigue and increasing the life-span & safety. (if you look at a competitor’s bracket, ask about the gauge of their steel!)
The E-Z Tower is designed so that there are 8 points of contact with the hunting blinds base. The bracket attaches to the blind on every side, creating unsurpassed lateral stability in ALL directions. This allows the highest level of safety & stability. (no other bracket design attaches like the E-Z Tower or can match our combination of strength & stability)
The E-Z Tower is designed to fit any blind. Our universal design cradles & wraps around a blind’s corners, so it will work on just about any blind, any size, whether you built it yourself or have a manufactured type, the E-Z Tower will work for you. (others are made to fit onto boards only, so they won’t fit anything else)
The E-Z Tower Bracket enables you to set up a tower on un level ground. By utilizing wooden legs instead of steel, you can cut the legs to fit un level terrain. You’re no longer stuck to a perfectly level site! Put your blind on the best spot for viewing game by using the E-Z Tower. (steel towers require level sites, often keeping you off the best spots)
The E-Z Tower design tilts the legs out 15 degrees off each corner. By tilting the legs out 15 degrees off the corners, you create a tower with a broader base footprint than the blind itself. This stance lends to maximum stability & safety from fall-over. (if you’ve ever built a tower, you’ve run into the problem of angling the legs off of the blind. The E-Z Tower bracket is the solution!)

What Our Customers Say About
e-z tower

E-Z Tower Team:
Just received my bracket order. Thank you for such a great product that I am sure they will outlast any structure I build upon them.

Best of Life,
Tim Feasel

E-Z Tower Team:
Another successful dear blind project completed with the help of E-Z Tower Deer Blind Brackets...

8x8, 1000 LB, 14 FT Tower Deer Stand Raising... John S.



"Shot this 10pt Buck from my E-Z TOWER deer stand on November 9th. Thanks for the great blind"

.... Bob in Marais, Minnesota.


E-Z Tower Team:
DSCN1803 DSCN1804I just wanted to send a quick note with a few pictures from our most recent blind build.  It was our best yet, with a solid anchoring system and a completely pre-fabbed shack, we had the building from truck bed to installed in under five hours.

The building has an Ondura roof, plexiglass window sliders in vinyl lattice end cap tracking (lockable with barrel locks).
To anchor, we utilized a 31" mobile home double-auger anchor, centered under the building, with 1/4" wire rope tied into each EZ-Bracket, tightened with a heavy duty turnbuckle.  You should consider selling a similar center anchoring kit. 

DSCN1805 DSCN1806For added stability, we toe-nailed 5' lengths of 3/4" rebar through each leg tip.
The exterior was constructed with Smartside exterior paneling.

Apologies for the muddy appearance.  I'll send some nicer pictures once the leaves are off, and the mud has washed away.  It was quite a haul, bringing the pre-fabbed walls in, through 1/4 mile of swamp.  She's now positioned ten yards into an inside corner on our best food plot, and we couldn't have done it without E-Z Bracket.

All the best, Fran K. 


Jimmmy, Just finished bow stand platform. Learned a lot. Gonna disassemble and take to lease. Thanks a ton. Will send pic with pop up blind attached.... Devin Thomas

IMG_0912 IMG_0913 IMG_0914 IMG_0915

I wanted to compliment you on a great product. We had the stand built in about 3 hours for a total cost of $350 including your brackets. The stand is extremely stable and the brackets made for a surprisingly fast build. Delivery of your product was fast as well.
Thanks and you will definitely have a repeat customer... Dan R.

Hunting condo 1 Hunting condo 2 Hunting condo 3Thanks for the brackets--they worked great!...Charles M.

IMG_3480 IMG_3481IMG_3482Hey guys,
I built this blind in 2011 because I had to use up some scrap lumber.  It is 4' X  6', comes apart in 10 modular pieces and weighs about 800 pounds, so I needed a product that could support that kind of weight plus a couple of fat men.  Thanks so much for providing a fantastic product that is designed for the real world.   The steel is thick, the welds are solid and my new blind ain't goin' nowhere now!

2011-11-05 09.02.41
Attached is a picture of my stand ...it is 21 feet from the ground to the floor. The design of your brackets gave me the inspiration (and confidence) to design a wooden structure for a 2 person blind ...that far off the ground. Obviously it needed to be be rock solid and allow me to walk 33 steps up to step right in. It turned out excellent and in a 30 mph wind it feels like you have a concrete foundation underneath!

Tim Bartley
Kewaskum WI

017018Hey Jimmy,
Here are some photos of the construction and finished product for my 8ft hunting tower at my ranch in Columbus, TX. (click on the thumbnails for larger picture)

I am extremely impressed with the quality, function, and appearance of this product.

review-03As you can see, our process for erecting the tower was by no means delicate or gentle but the towers took the abuse and are holding strong. With the competitors product I am almost certain we would have broken them or the platform in a similar situation. The extra price I paid was well worth it to ensure the job was done only once. I fully intend on buying at least one more pair in the future for another blind I have planned for the ranch.

Thanks again,
Wesley Donaldson

I just wanted to send you a photo of my stand - all ready for the season here in PA. Your brackets worked great and since I was dealing with a sloped location, I dug in the rear legs and attached the platform to a sturdy tree. She's rock solid! The blind is made by a company called smith works and it is very well constructed with an aluminum frame and waterproof covering. To complete this set up I have a comfortable swivel seat (also by smith works) and a small propane heater to keep the chill off. Now I will be able to stay out as long as I want in almost any kind of weather, all of which will greatly improve my odds for scoring.

Thanks for making a great product!

How to Raise Your
e-z tower

Raising your hunting blind with E-Z Tower brackets is fast & easy!

  1. Tilt or lay your blind over on one side.
  2. Position E-Z Tower brackets on each corner & secure with lag screws or bolts.
  3. Insert your desired length 4x4 posts into bracket’s leg sockets & secure with lag screws or bolts.
  4. Brace legs to each other with 1x or 2x lumber, as desired.
  5. Tilt blind back over onto its feet.
    (cabling down through welded cable loops on E-Z Tower bracket is recommended)

5 tips for setting up your
e-z tower

Consider location, wind direction, ability to read the trails, concealment and timing when setting up a deer blind. Sponsored Links

  1. Setting up a deer blind is one of the most important aspects of deer hunting. Many hunts have hinged on doing this task correctly. A successful hunt is more likely if the hunter will take into consideration a few tips, proven time after time to work.

  2. Setting up a deer blind is one of the most important aspects of deer hunting. Many hunts have hinged on doing this task correctly. A successful hunt is more likely if the hunter will take into consideration a few tips, proven time after time to work.

  3. The next factor to consider is the wind direction. Deer have an excellent sense of smell, so with this in mind, the hunter should set the blind downwind from the direction he predicts the deer to come from. Blinds are best set downwind of the smaller trails, because these smaller trails are the ones that larger bucks use. Another place that is usually productive is downwind of where trails intersect.

  4. Being able to read the deer tracks on the trails is important when setting up a blind. If the deer are not there, then the odds of them showing up on hunting day are very slim. When leaves are falling, it may be necessary to rake about 10 yards of the trail to enable the hunter the ability to see the tracks.

  5. Consider concealment when setting up a deer blind. With this in mind, use a deer blind in conjunction with its surroundings. Different types of trees and bushes can offer excellent concealment for a deer blind. Using the surroundings to conceal the deer blind often makes the blind appear as part of the scenery to the deer as it approaches.
One last tip would be to consider the best time to set the deer blind up. The blind should be set up well in advance of the opening of deer season. The earlier blind can be set up the better because the deer will have more time to get used to the blind being in its location. When setting up the blind, attaching several white rags to it can prove to be valuable. The wind blowing the rags around will help the deer become accustomed to movement coming from the direction of the blind and they will not spook so easy when the hunter is actually in the deer blind.

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e-z tower
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